The Letsemeng Municipality has 11 seats. There were 18,042 registered voters in the municipality for the 2011 local government elections. The highest voter turn-out was achieved in Ward 4 with 69.87 %. The lowest voter turn-out in the municipality was in Ward 3 with 56.11 %. The average voter turn-out achieved in the 2011 municipal elections was 61.57 %. Following the 2011 local government elections, three political parties are represented in the municipality. The African National Congress won all the ward seats in the municipality and was returned as the majority party with 8 seats. Based on the proportional representation formula, the Democratic Alliance obtained 2 seats and the Congress of the People obtained 1 seat. The African Christian Democratic Party lost the seat they held following the 2006 local government elections. Councillor. P.J. Louw serves as the Council Chief Whip. The Council of Letsemeng established its Section 79 Committees in accordance with the Municipal Structures Act of 2000.

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